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Objectives and Governance

The business of the Club is managed by a Committee of Management consisting of Office Bearers and five committee members.

During the 50 years plus that the club has operated its strong sense of community participation has remained. Today the diversity of its membership and the opportunities for its members to participate in both internal club events and through Coast Archers Inc. external archery tournaments has widened the scope of the club’s activities. The Articles of Association of the Club reflect this wider scope.

Recognising that not all members of the club want to or indeed are able to participate in external tournaments, due to age, disability or economic circumstance, the Articles of Association have been established to provide a framework within which the club will function and meet the objectives set out in the Memorandum whilst not discriminating between members who wish to participate in the internal activities of the club only and those who seek a wider participation in the sport of archery, as such these articles provide a framework for the participation of all members.


Club Objectives

  • Support and promote all forms of Archery and the spirit of good fellowship.

  • Raise public awareness of Archery as a recreation and competitive sport.

  • Develop archer resources and services and facilitate and encourage participation and membership.

  • Conduct archery tournaments and social events for club members and visitors from other archery clubs.

  • Promote member participation at Regional, State and National Tournaments.

  • Recognise and maintain club records and make claims for and on behalf of Members.

  • Raise the quality of performance in Archery through the provision of technical support and coaching.

  • Endorse the doping policies of FITA and Archery Australia.

Committee of Management

President                Brian Bennett

Vice President       Kelvin Heath

Secretary               Kerry Heath

Treasurer               Alastair Watt

Recorder                Bayard Atkinson


Committee Members

Barry Parker

John Robinson

Glenn Craig

Peter Feeney

Barry Hunt  (Field Captain)

The Committee of Management is elected by Club members at the AGM held in July or August each year.

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We have various membership types: 

Ordinary Members

Members who participate in Club shoots and are over 18yrs.

Youth Members

Members who participate in Club shoots and are under 18yrs.

Associate Members

Members who wish to participate socially in the Club but do not shoot.

Life Members

Membership is awarded for life to a person for their outstanding contribution to the Club.

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